Our Founder.


Elise Niu is the founder of Functional HIIT NZ, a boutique training studio based on the Kapiti Coast New Zealand. She is also a speaker & health & wellness entrepreneur who has a rad vision for HIIT workouts & an unstoppable drive to make NZ the most happiest active place on the planet.

In 2017 Elise starred along side 7 other top trainers in New Zealand on the TV show “School of Training” Hosted by Joe Naufahu , former professional rugby player, Game of Thrones actor & owner of the prestigious Auckland Gym Ludus Magnus. Elise made her mark on New Zealand TV screens with her high energy, positive message and smile.

In hopes to spread her love for fitness & health Elise launched the E-Fit 8 week Challenge and offers personalized food plans and HIIT workouts available to people all around the world. This BossMama offers an insight on how to keep fit, strong and live a positive life while raising a family of four with her husband Ray.

Not just known for fitness & health, Elise was the Winner of the 2018 Customer Service Electra Business awards, & with her energetic, high octane, creative, non traditional business style she is paving the way for future BossMama’s.

At heart, and above it all she is still the girl who embraces being crazy & has a vision to leave her footprint in this world while making everyone around her have an EPIC time.